Our Mission

To become the best mobile welding provider in Canada with the most competitive pricing and state-of-the-art equipment, to serve you better no matter where you are.

Our Vision

To create a comfortable, fun and safe working environment for our employees, with the most advanced mobile welding technology, in order to effectively overcome every obstacle that gets in our way.

Heavy Machinery Repair

Our History

Founded in 2011 from small beginnings by two steelwork enthusiasts, Mobile Welding started by performing small wrought iron jobs, such as balconies, handrails, ramps, stairs and decorative work. We then started repairing heavy machinery and metallic structures, mostly with residential and commercial customers.

We are always perfecting our methods at the shop in order to offer you a complete array of services and taking care of everything in house, which saves time and money to our customers. Since there has always been strong demand for our services outside of our workshop, we equipped a first truck for jobs wherever our clients were located. Quickly, our onsite and mobile welding service became extremely popular, and we equipped a second truck to match our clients’ needs. We are now one of the best-equipped and most competent mobile welding team in the country.

We aren’t afraid of getting off the beaten track and facing bigger and better challenges. We have a passion for defying geographic norms. If we could do welding in space, we would! In fact, we are currently in the process of obtaining certification for underwater welding, our next major stepping stone!