Advanced technology combined with our unique expertise for repairs, modifications, preventive maintenance, seasonal and pre-seasonal upkeep for your heavy equipment and vehicles. Mobile Welding is your one-stop shop!

On a construction site, there is nothing quite as bad as the loss of a machine due to poor maintenance. The toll on your operation’s speed and productivity can seriously harm your ability to deliver projects on time and with the quality that you are used to providing.

In these kinds of emergencies, it’s important to have a trustworthy partner you can fall back on to repair and maintain your equipment.

Whether you work in construction, renovations, agriculture or transportation, your heavy equipment needs appropriate maintenance.

We have a large inventory of spare parts for trucks and other vehicles. Contact us now for more information!


Heavy Equipment & Vehicles

Types of Equipment


we will fix your backhoe bucket from the ground up, with abrasion resistant steel, making sure the sides, grouser bars and wear block are in mint condition.


Replacing rock buckets can cost tens of thousands, so repairing them is always a viable option. Corrosion and heavy usage chew up the steel in your excavator, so we usually work with AR400 steel, which is much more resistant than some of the stock metal used during the original fabrication.


Forks, quick attach units, spears and other loader extensions can be repaired or custom-made based on your needs.

Garages and vehicle storage

Water resistant structures to protect your vehicle from the weather. RVs, boats, and more!

Heavy trucks

Before welding on the frame of your 10-wheeler, 12-wheeler or 18 wheeler truck, we will disconnect the batteries and make sure there are no voltage spikes during the welding process.

Plows and snow removers

Snow and ice can be rough on metal. The wear and tear as well as corrosion can seriously damage your plows and blades. Let us take care of it!

Tractors and farm equipment

Your farm equipment’s electronics are in good hands, as we take all the precautions necessary to avoid voltage spikes during welding.

Mining equipment

Grinding mills, underground bolters and service equipment, cranes, underground drills and other mining machinery. You name it, we weld it.