Why wait until your machinery breaks down to do something about it? We could reinforce the metal work on your truck or vehicle or make urgent repairs and customizations on your industrial equipment before a failure occurs. We can repair industrial machinery, heavy equipment machinery, conveyors and production machinery.

The Mobile Welding team is constantly on the lookout for a challenge, such as helping factories gain efficiency. We can help you reconfigure your factory, optimize production and reorganize your production line. Our welders will go to restricted areas or closed spaces and will travel to high altitudes to do their work. We observe the highest safety standards in the industry.

Since our inception in 2011, we have constantly improved our CNC cutting methods, and we are now able to cut up to ten feet. That makes us one of the most cutting edge welding companies in Greater Montréal.


Commercial Welding Services

Mobile Welding is a choice partner for your commercial welding work, no matter the material used - steel (stainless - TIG), aluminum (MIG) or molten cast iron. No job is too small or too big for our team of expert welders.

Heavy Equipment Welding Services

Advanced technology combined with our unique expertise for repairs, modifications, preventive maintenance, seasonal and pre-seasonal upkeep for your heavy equipment and vehicles. Mobile Welding is your one-stop shop!

Preventive Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Repair

When the job is tough, your heavy equipment’s steel can take a beating. We will repair and reinforce your equipment so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Food Grade

In the restaurant and agricultural industries, Food Grade Stainless Steel is the norm for sanitation. When it comes to working with these high-end metals designed for professional kitchens, we are experts.

Industrial Machining

We will repair your industrial machining and help you optimize your supply chain.