restaurant furniture

Restaurant Furniture

This restaurant and oyster bar in Westmount, Quebec was in need of some essential furniture to fit with its rustic raw look. We custom-made the wine rack, busboy station and bar shelves based on the location’s dimensions and staff needs. We utilized perforated hot rolled steel sheets for aesthetic purposes.

balcony and staircases

Staircases & Balcony Restoration

This was a 100% mobile custom job we completed in the summer of 2014. In this residential multiplex in Verdun, the outdoor metal balconies, decks and secondary exit were in poor condition. The steel was heavily corroded. It was becoming a safety hazard for the residents. Our team started by removing the existing railings, soffits and decks. We then proceeded to removing the balcony structure. Using raw steel, we fabricated the structure onsite and installed it the same day. We later installed the new fiberglass decking, which we provided in one piece, and then added the railings. We applied an anti-rust primer coating as a finishing touch. Since we completed this outdoor restoration, the apartment building is much safer and looks nicer. This has a direct impact on real estate value.

Office Walls

This project is simple yet very modern and gives a completely different look to an everyday wall. The new wall is made up of raw steel which our team transformed to give a 3D interactive look. The wall was accentuated with a raw steel trimming to give off an industrial look.

The large sliding door was inspired by good old fashioned barn doors. We kept its original panelled look with a modern twist. The panels are made of steel that are encased with thick steel flat stock. The finishing we chose for this project has a mat finish with a textured feel to it.

Modern Staircase

Modern and sleek staircase made for a restored building in the Old Port of Montreal. This old building has been brought back to life with a one of a kind custom-made design. This particular staircase was made in four sections in order to custom fit in existing area. Our specialized team took raw steel and engineered it, in order to give the client the outcome he had envisioned. Every stair is made up of individual trays, in order to accommodate a cement base which was later covered by a granite slab. The railing has a very simple and straight design. Also it has very small and slim pins to fasten a wooden hand rail which gives it a floating look. The finish chosen for this project is an electrostatic powder paint.