In order to build and maintain a home that will remain beautiful and increase in value with time, you need a solid foundation. Choosing the right specialists who will give you valuable advice will save you time, money and headaches.

Fencing, staircases, balconies, ramps and window security are among the wrought iron jobs we handle efficiently, and we can also help you build or maintain your indoor and outdoor steel and aluminum structures, whether they are mechanical or decorative (gazebos and canopies).

Homeowners trust Mobile Welding because we pay incredible attention to detail when building or renovating the metal on your dream home.

We take care of the design, fabrication, installation, modification and repairs for the metalwork, as well as your interior and exterior structures.


Metalwork & Wrought Iron

When we work on your home’s steel and aluminum metallic structures and decorative pieces, we focus on safety and elegance.

Balconies and decks

Make sure your balcony is up to the city’s standards and also well maintained every year.


We can inspect, repair and install all types of staircases and galvanize the steel to make it resistant to wear-and-tear.

Welded Steel and Aluminum Fences

Different models, patterns, colours and finishing options. Security fences that are adapted to your outdoor landscaping.

Ramps for the mobility impaired

People who have difficulty using stairs, for whichever reason, will be grateful that you have made your location accessible to them.


Custom stainless steel railings and more. We design handrails according to their setting, and have a wide selection of options to choose from.

Interior and Exterior Metallic Structures

Summers just wouldn’t be the same without that gazebo you’re used to having barbecue dinners in with friends.

Steel/iron structures

We use a variety of welding processes such as fluxcore, solid wire (MIG/MAG) and stick welding (SMAW).

Aluminum structures

Extremely lightweight and excellent longevity for mostly outdoor applications, such as staircases, fire escapes, car ports and greenhouses.

Beam fabrication

Cold cut cutting, oxy-acetylene cutting, plasma cutting, manual drilling anodization,sheet metal shearing, as well as numerical control drilling, bending and punching.

Decorative structures

We can implement your design or help you create one for the indoor or outdoor decorative structures in and around your home, such as Gazebos or canopies.

Garages and vehicle storage

Water resistant structures to protect your vehicle from the weather. RVs, boats, and more!


Protect your property with metallic fences, electric garage doors and other security devices.

Safety fences for windows and doors

Installing safety steel grills to keep your home safe from burglars or vandalism.

Safety fences for pools

To protect small children from falling into the pool, we can help you install a safety fence that goes around it.

Electric garage doors

We design, fabricate and install your gates, connecting it to your automatic garage door system.


All’s well that ends well! Canadian winters can be rough on the edges, and the corrosion they produce on metal affects homeowners all across the country.

Rust eats through metal like there’s no tomorrow, especially when there has been poor maintenance and finishing processes. We think prevention is better than a cure, and by using proper paint finishing processes that intertwine to protect metal from corrosion, mixed with hot dip galvanization, we provide a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel.

Paint Coating

Our paint processes comply with the highest environmental norms in the industry. We use primers, intermediate coats and finish coats that help tackle corrosion and environmental wear and tear.

Hot Dip Galvanization

By immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc, the metal reacts chemically and becomes much more resistant to corrosion without the expensive cost of stainless steel.